Ken (redken70) wrote in cycling_wisdom,

Getting Back On Track

I have to start training again. I'm never going to be able to ride a century if I don't keep to a set schedule. I've spent the last few months getting my body adjusted to working as a floorhand on an oil rig. For the previous 15 years I was a retail manager, so the level of activity is much, much greater. Luckily cycling has kept me in pretty good shape, or else the first month would have killed me. The trick now is that I work two weeks on and two weeks off. The two weeks straight that I work each month are twelve hour days, and we have bunkhouses we stay in on the rig. Once I get a plan together, I will try taking my bike out with me and motivate myself to ride at least 10 miles after 12 straight hours of labor. Wish me luck!
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