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The Commute

I never imagined I would be using my mountain bike as transportation. To afford myself all the time I could get on my bike, I started to ride to work occasionally. Somehow this has become my main vehicle for commuting to work. I have a very short trip, only four miles each way, but it seems to confound people. They can't seem to understand why I would want to ride when I have a new truck in my driveway.

I used to get off work and trudge to my truck to head home and lay down. Now, once I lace up my cycling shoes I'm a ball of excitement. I love the ride home, day or night. Last night after bringing in a shipment and merchandising it without my regular team, I was so energized by the ride home, I dropped off my backpack and rode an extra 15 miles. Lucky for me, thanks to South Texas weather, I can do this almost year round.
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